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What I Offer


General Qigong classes suitable for everyone either in person in the Sevenoaks/West Malling/Tonbridge areas of Kent or on zoom to anywhere in the world.

An hour-long class for you to take time for yourself, breathe, flow and refresh. Feel your energy shift and take this vitality off the mat into the rest of your day. 

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I run workshops on lots of different topics such as Qigong for menopause,

Qigong for immunity, Qigong for stress, Qigong meditation, Breathwork workshops.

Visit my social media pages for links to the latest workshops or get in touch to organise a bespoke one for your company or a group of friends.


Courses are generally 4, 5 or 6 weeks long depending on the topic. They are taught in person or on zoom.

Courses can also be arranged privately for a family or group of friends.

Or create your own bespoke course and combine some of the practices.

Breath Retraining

Develop new healthy breathing habits for a happier, healthier, longer life.

HOW we breathe- how fast, how big, how deep, through our nose or our mouth, can have a massive impact on our health. This is not just about how we breathe in a yoga class, at the gym or in a breathwork session but how we breathe ALL the time, every hour, day and night.

These are science backed methods that are easy to incorporate into your life and can make a massive difference to how you feel.



Private Sessions

A bespoke 1- or 1.5-hour session tailored to your particular needs. Perhaps you want to work on sleeping better, feeling less stressed, clearing a particular emotion, or building more energy after an illness.

Or work on improving your mobility, alignment, strength, or balance.

Maybe you just enjoy having a session all to yourself, geared specifically to you.

Whatever it is a 1-1 session can be hugely beneficial. Includes a discovery call. 1 hour £45 1.5 hours £60


Health Coach

As a trained Health coach, I can also combine a Qigong practice with a personal coaching session to help you really work through issues and gain clarity.


Corporate Teaching

Organise a Qigong class for your company.

“In love with Qigong. Totally ticked all the boxes and surpassed my expectations, Plus finding that its easy to learn for starters, is just a brilliant bonus. I felt like I want to do more, and that I will do more. A great thing to learn. a real gift! Annabel is attentive, insightful, generous and inspiring. She helped re open a door that I didn’t even know was shut”

– Briony –



12 Rivers Course

Shift patterns of blocked energy in your meridians, nourish the key organs of the body and balance emotions.

Working on the 12 organ meridians as used in acupuncture- a great place to start your Qigong journey. 12 amazing moves that can become part of your daily practice


Between Heaven and Earth

Working with the 8 extraordinary meridians to establish a very stable pattern of energy in the body.

An extremely nourishing practice that helps you build internal energy reserves and replenish and work with your own energy field which is great for physical and emotional wellbeing.


The Natural Breath

A breathwork course working on strengthening the key breathing muscles and developing a full natural breath.

Great for preventative health but also beneficial if your breathing has been compromised to rebuild strength.

Take your breathing muscles to the gym. 


Enter the Flow

Develop mindful movement practices that allow the energy in your body to move freely like rain or mist, nourishing every cell, helping to align your body and creating fluidity and grace.

A great practice to help your body move efficiently and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.


Waking the Qi

A series of moves designed to wake up the energy in your body.

When your energy is flowing strongly your health and vitality will improve.

This is a great warm up for other Qigong practices or to start your day.


Animal Play

Discover a more active, Yang, Qigong practice great for strength, flexibility, balance, agility and power.

Develop the qualities of the energy of the Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Dragon. A dynamic practice that really gets the Qi flowing and makes you strong.


Iron Shirt Qigong

Taken from the Warriors path these practices develop strength and resilience in the body so it can withstand impacts.

We won’t be using it in a martial arts capacity but instead to build up energy levels and make sure that energy circulates to every single part of the body effectively. You will learn to fill the body with energy, consolidate, refine, strengthen and soften it for better overall health. 


Inner Fire breathwork

A set of powerful practices that work on building your inner metabolic fire. Starting with some extremely healing practices that build our deepest yin energy from the roots, we then move on to lighting the inner fire in 3 centres in the body.

These practices greatly develop our physical and energetic capacity.

“It was really refreshing change to do something in the open air that was both beneficial and enjoyable and calming.  Annabel was full of really interesting and helpful info about the practice of Qigong and demonstrated the movements really well.

These classes were a peek into a new philosophy and a lovely tonic in our busy world”

– Charlotte –