Be Well with Annabel

Welcome to the ART of being well

Qigong, Breathwork, Meditation – a holistic approach to feeling calm yet energised 

Qigong Lung Move


Flow, Transform

The ancient practice of Qigong
has many benefits for our modern lives:

Reduces Stress

Boosts energy

Improves immunity

Increases mobility

Eases aches and pains

Aids a restful night’s sleep

Improves breathing function

Helps you age healthily

Meditation on rock

What is Qigong? 

‘Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy’ Ken Cohen

Would you like to get under the bonnet of your health?

Find a practice that works on your body from the inside out, getting your energy moving, nourishing your major organs, balancing your emotions and toning and sculpting to boot?

Would you like to age as healthily as possible?

Qigong could be just the answer.

Qi means energy and gong means practice or skill. It is all about working with our living, life force energy to help us transform stress to vitality and improve our health and wellbeing.

This energy (qi) is the basis of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and when our internal energy is strong this has a ripple effect and flows into our physical body.

Its suitable for all ages, thoroughly enjoyable and even a few minutes daily will see changes in your stress levels, mood and energy. Forget no pain, no gain- this is no pleasure no gain!  It won’t leave you feeling depleted but instead leaves you calm yet energised.  Busy hectic lives, a more sedentary lifestyle, injury, illness and stress can cause our Qi to become inactive.

Starting a qigong practice can help wake it up, purge old stagnant energy, shift any blockages, nourish your key organs and let new fresh Qi enter the body. 

The benefits are many including reduced anxiety, improved circulation and digestion, better sleep, increased lung capacity, better breathing and more stable emotions.

Physically you can experience less aches and pains, stronger muscles, joints and ligaments, better body alignment and balance and generally more energy overall. 

Qigong is also not just for when your energy feels drained, it’s a great preventative tool too- it helps build a foundation of good health for the future. Working with your energy will help you to understand the functioning of your own body better and your interactions with the energy of others and the world around you.

It will give you clarity, focus and a sense of inner balance. Get mind, body and breath working in harmony to feel great. Where the attention goes the Qi flows! 


Please go for it.  You will love it.  You will love how you feel during and after the sessions.  And you will just love being in Annabel’s positive sparkly energy that radiates from her, even if you are doing it through a screen, like I did, 300+miles away!

Annabel is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject;  a very calm and clear teacher which gave me confidence in her and in myself! ‘