Be Well with Annabel

Breath Retraining


What is breath retraining?

We take approximately 20,000 breaths each day- approximately 600 million in our lifetime, often automatically with no thought given.

But what if these breaths have been affected by our busy lifestyles, illnesses, stress or our environment? Could we breathe better? What if healthy breathing habits are as important as healthy eating habits for our overall health and well-being?

Well, indeed they are and there’s lots we can do to help ourselves get back on track. This is where breath retraining can come into play.

HOW we breathe- how fast, how big, how deep, through our nose or our mouth, can have a massive impact on our health. This is not just about how we breathe in a yoga class, at the gym or in a breathwork session but how we breathe ALL the time, every hour, day and night.

Get it right and you can feel more energetic, focussed, help solve a host of health issues and even improve athletic performance.

These are science backed methods that are easy to incorporate into your life and can make a massive difference to how you feel.

Is breath re-training for you? Do you suffer with any of these?





Upper chest breathing

Mouth breathing during the day or at night

Sleep Apnea

Brain fog


Frequent yawning and sighing

Then get in touch as breath retraining could help.

What are the benefits of re-training my breath?

Reduced anxiety and stress
Better sleep
More focus and concentration
Increased energy levels
More oxygenation to the cells, muscles and tissues including the brain
Balanced autonomic nervous system
Reduction of PMS symptoms


How can you work with me?

Individual, personalised coaching sessions including diagnostics and helpful tools to reset your breathing habits.
Breathing workshops/seminars for groups – including corporates, schools.

Annabel is a qualified advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor and passionate about the power of the breath. Let your breath become the catalyst for positive change and transformation.